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anakan vs obi wan fight (online mp style)

Here's my edit's to the script for the anakin vs obi wan fight in online mp style

Obi wan: I have failed you dude, I have failed you
Anakin: I should I realised your clan were plotting to take over
Obi wan: WTF dude your clan are bunch of twats
Anakin: From my perspective their twats
Obi wan: Then you really are a lost noob
Anakin: **** you
Obi wan: **** you

*They continue dueling*

Obi wan: It's all over Anakin I have the high ground
Anakin : You under estimate my power
Obi wan: Lmao

*Anakin jumps and gets sliced*

Anakin: BS
Obi wan: PWNT.... Umm I mean you were the chosen one, you were supposed to capture the enemy flag, not teamkill. You were suppose to bring balance to the teams not **** it up
Anakin: I hate you J00
Obi wan: Arrg this sucks

*Obi wan Disconnects*

*Anakin respawns but in a black metal costume*

Anakin: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
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