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Originally Posted by Xsoy
Earth II - 912

Star Wars Empire at War - 1276

yay... a 350 vote difference now muhahahhaha

- xsoy
War correspodance...

BFMEII - 928
EaW - 1295


With a simple statistical calculation and a "simple" jump to frequency domain (ala Fourier analysis), among with some simple integrals on the complex field (*cough cough*, ok, i overdid it ), we can predict a daily incremenet of 20 votes for EaW against the half (10) of BFMEII.............heh, and mathematics never lie (they're the "good" boys of sciense), so, chier up

Just spread the word around, so that we gain some tactical advantage......not that we're losing the fight, but never understimate an enemy...

So, 17 days left and this battle will most luckily end by the release time.....and although i don't like to use imp quotes
(trasmiting from headquarters): "just wipe them out...all of them..."

-"SWAT force - ready to take care of those BFME2 voters..."
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