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Ventris watched once again as the starlines faded from his command bridge view. Below him he saw the familar site of Kamino, and in front of him the familar CIS and rebellious ships in orbit.

Suddenly he turned to his clone commander, "Commander, I want you to take this transmission," he said handing it to his trusted clone.

"Yes, sir. Erm... what is it?" The commander asked.

"It is an instruction hologram. Upload it to all TIEs. You see commander these two warships are armed with special EMP turbolasers. We are going to lauch our full compliment of TIEs at the enemy. They will either sit back and take a beating, or lauch all their precious droid star fighters. If they launch their fighters then we will set off the EMP." Ventris smiled.

"Sir, wouldnt that disrupt our own ships as well?" The clone asked.

"Yes, of course! Those," he pointed to the hologram projector, "are instructions on how to eject from your TIE. Your escape pod is programmed to land at the last known destination of their forces. You will take the battle to the land." The more he said, the more he smiled in pleasure.

Ventris turned around back to his grand view, from his temporary Imperial class Star Destroyer. To his left was the second imperial warship, already blasting away at a smaller CIS capital ship. Suddenly bursting from the bottom of both ships came swarms of TIES full of the best trained clones in the imperial navy, the 501st.

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