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((I dont think it matters anymore...))


*F. Irvine wanders the twisting tunnels of the dark temple. Remnants of untold battles he saw while he walked... And as he walked his facination with this place grew.*



*Irvine still sits at the console, in thought...

What's his motive. Why!? The valley. The valley of the Sith. Where Father took me the first time I was with him. Why am I going there. I feel compelled to. Why.'

Irvine let's out a deep sigh and leans back in his chair...*

Irvine "Why do I feel like I can have solace in that place that made me even attack father?"

*Irvine remembers of the one time Chi's influence was outwieghted by the influence of the valley's power and Irvine struck out agenst Cracken for keeping the knowledge of having a sibling to him. But that was behind him now. All that he worried about was his clone, who was out to get him...*

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