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BD you seem to be missing a few points:

1. I don't recall Cantina being one-plot threads except when setting requires it (i.e. Cantina 7).

2. You are the only one here who has Jedi for most of his/her characters, and the only one with your primary character on the Jedi Council.

3. I haven't hijacked anything about your plot; Deac came up with the mission he planned to send ... Deac on, giving me the idea to intertwine two plotlines, some time before you decided you wanted to send him to Jediz R Us.

4. Multiple plotlines running at once make things less predictable.

5. The Council can still send out its missions even if the people it wants to send on them are ostensibly busy. This is easily accomplished in-thread by thinking in character.

6. I don't think you've been paying attention if you think I don't like to keep people guessing.

7. The title doesn't need to make sense, although personally I think this title is begging to be skewed - it's about the guardians of peace and justice, but what about those guardians of peace and justice? What if it's about how they aren't particularly guarding peace and justice? What if the people we think are the Guardians are actually not, and those we least expect actually are? What if there seem to be many guardians of peace and justice, but the reality is that no one is guarding peace and justice, or this is about the downfall of peace and justice? Ah, the possibilities

WJ: Too late in the plot? Never. The only disadvantage is that you could be a bit confused at times. You're a victim of misunderstanding. I figured, actually, that you had your own plans that I didn't know about... now that I know better, I'll change my methods.

Deac: I think BD and Cracken are referring to the thousands-of-Jedi thing being in Imperial space, not the abandoned research base.

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