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Lightbulb Cantinaverse Wiki

Everyone know what Wikipedia is?

Well, there's an easy-to-use create-your-own wiki site that Penny Arcade used to create the parody The Elmenstor Saga (a wiki referencing an imaginary fantasy franchise).

I figured we could use something like that to catalogue some of the complex nonsense we've built up over the years, as well as play around with our worldbuilding and suchlike, for easy reference. Imagine: Don't know what an Aesir is, or just who is Halren Flax? Or have you been here a while but don't remember some detail on what a Vanguard can do? Click here! Etc.

Behold: the Cantinaverse wiki.

The password is "cantinascenario".


(Oh, and I've done no editing so far because it's 4:30 AM, so it's in totally raw format.)

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