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[QUOTE=arkodeon]While I agree that George Lucas made the fight a Mace Windu VS. Palpatine to be dramatic, and to an extent it is, but it fails. The dramaticism created by this conflict is never resolved; Anakin Skywalker kills Mace Windu, and concludes the dramaticism with Mace, but never is the conflict between Palpatine and Windu resolved. Even though the Chancellor was just faking it, if Anakin hadn't intervened, Mace would have killed him, effectively ending the Return of the Sith. In this, we can see that none of the two checkmated eachother, for it was the intervention of Anakin that led to the conclusion, thus ending with a lingering..."What if?"

On that note, looking back at all the scheming, planning and patience Palpatine had (his plan to become Emperor took about 15 years to mature) don’t you think that he took a bit of a risk when it came to this fight? He was a Wookie’s whisker away form losing for good against Mace. It just seems odd that man with that much patience and intelligence would gamble everything on the possibility of Anakin walking into his office the exact time Mace was about to end all his plans. Surely even he could not have foreseen that?
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