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capturing would be nice, but i think it is extremely hard to balance

if the capturers are too strong, you could capture rush the whole enemy fleet, even easier after you captured the capitalships

if the capturers are too weak, they are blown away before you could spell "capture" and noone would use them

well, maybe one could give some orders to take out the hardpoints only (engines, hangar, weapons, shields) without destroying the entire ship and then send some capturers that are waiting further away from the battle (or some automatic capturing after you won the battle and there are some caps hanging around unable to move / fight)

would save some money when used on space stations as you would not need to build a new one and maybe you could receive some information like how strong are the fleets in the surrounding systems or where are the heros at that time (could change afterwards)

when you could capture caps during the fight, you should be able to get some special tactics like positioning the ship next to another cap / space station and start the self destruct
or pretend to say "oh i don't need it anymore, let's leave this wreck where it is" and when the enemy troops come to take it back... boom

it brings me also to the idea of infiltration
special troops are infiltrating the ships of the enemy and disable systems (engines, weapons, shields, sensors, automatic targeting, hangars, explosives inside, killing the commander / commanding crew, giving wrong orders)
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