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The article never says that K3 will be XBOX 360 exclusive. It never even mentions what platforms it might be made for. Read the article more carefully and you will see that when it states anything about the XBOX 360 or PS3 in the section, it has transitioned into talking about Mercenaries 3, which is in development by Pandemic. Also, from what we know of the past, K3 will be for both XBOX 360 and PC. I don't think they will change the platform inbetween games of a standing series. It wouldn't be logical. However, I wouldn't put it past Micro$oft to someone twist LucasArts into releasing it as a 360-exclusive game. I don't think it will happen, though.

Also, this article is being condemned because it is IGN's predictions. However, if you take all of the predictions and "we think"s out of it, you can chisle it down to few solid facts that the do know. Or atleast what they claim to know as fact. Try this....

LucasArts' recent silence by no means equals inactivity. On the contrary, Knights of the Old Republic 3 is in the early stages of creation for a late 2006 -- most likely a 2007 -- release. The game should feature more seamless interaction between NPCs and the lead character, as well as better, more economic interactions between party members.
Makes since to me. Notice that this is the stuff they actually know. Not to be confused with what they predicted, which is sorely based on the limited knowledge they do have.

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