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Psychonauts glitches, easter eggs, etc! [spoilers]

What is this thread?

A place for Psychonauts fans to post easter eggs, references to other games/films/etc, glitches and secrets in one definitive place. Posts which have sufficient instructions on how to do said thing will be added to the list below. Once the thread has gone completely stale and nothing else is likely to be submitted, they will be verified, rewritten in a more formal manner and placed onto the main website along with screenshots and whatnot.

Easter Eggs / References / Hard-to-find Stuff / Easy-to-miss Stuff

1. Former main character of Psychonauts seen during ending cutscene
2. Imagery hidden within the loading screen
3. The stump joke of Monkey Island returns
4. Jump inside Napoleon's castle before getting there within the game rules to annoy him
5. Look around the campfire to find a possible ancestor of Dogen, complete with surname
6. Picture of a young Ford Cruller around the campfire
7. Various references to Double Fine are to be found in the figments
8. Lungfishopolis blimp a possible reference to Grim Fandango
9. Double Fine's logo (two-headed baby) found in campground lounge
10. Get rank 100 and enjoy a special, short video
11. Wait around on the main menu and get a special slide
12. Take Mr Pokeylope to campground denizens for amusing responses (unconfirmed)
13. Play with the controls during game loading to move Razputin

Interesting Glitches and Oversights

1. Get inside Doctor Loboto's forcefield
2. Unused credit slide flying around collective unconcious
3. Tickle the band members
4. Turn night back into day
5. Exit from tunnel in Basic Braining remains visible in sky
6. Go onto radio tower island a second time
7. Amass your very own army of Censors
8. Pay attention during lake cutscene and see bear

How can I help?

This idea will obviously fall flat onto its face if nobody contributes. So, if you know of anything that might be an easter egg, reference or anything like that, please post! The idea is to make this the most thorough guide around, so by all means correct people or add to what they've said if you can!

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