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Originally Posted by arkodeon
While I agree that George Lucas made the fight a Mace Windu VS. Palpatine to be dramatic, and to an extent it is, but it fails. The dramaticism created by this conflict is never resolved; Anakin Skywalker kills Mace Windu, and concludes the dramaticism with Mace, but never is the conflict between Palpatine and Windu resolved. Even though the Chancellor was just faking it, if Anakin hadn't intervened, Mace would have killed him, effectively ending the Return of the Sith. In this, we can see that none of the two checkmated eachother, for it was the intervention of Anakin that led to the conclusion, thus ending with a lingering..."What if?"

On that note, looking back at all the scheming, planning and patience Palpatine had (his plan to become Emperor took about 15 years to mature) don’t you think that he took a bit of a risk when it came to this fight? He was a Wookie’s whisker away form losing for good against Mace. It just seems odd that man with that much patience and intelligence would gamble everything on the possibility of Anakin walking into his office the exact time Mace was about to end all his plans. Surely even he could not have foreseen that?
I don't know if we can trust his 'forsight.'

He predicted Luke would turn to the darkside, and the Rebels would die. But one major problem came into play: Anakin Skywalker.

I don't think he could forsee Anakin's future, neither could the Jedi. His was shrouded. Granted, this may be only speculation, but I would expect Yoda to forsee this tragedy as well as Palpatine, since they are about the same in power.

He could have felt Anakin approach, and went into "Woe is me, I am old. SAVEME." But I still felt Mace Windu would have won. What strikes me odd about the theory is that before Anakin decided to go to the office, Mace was defeating him.

Originally Posted by edlib
My point exactly.

In the novelizations it is implied that Dooku was one of the few who really kept up his saber dueling abilities and practice.

It's a trait he may have gotten from Yoda, who was the only Jedi to seem to still take the threat of the return of the Sith seriously.
If he then passed that along to Qui-Gon, then Qui-Gon passed that along to Obi, and by extension Anakin, then they were the only ones that could ever have faced the Sith.
Again, where do you get this feeling that he/they were the only ones to take this threat seriously?

They knew Dooku was a large threat; they went to Geonosis to stop him. When they discovered that they couldn't, was that not a BIG HINT to start getting their acts together?

And all this talk about being complacent. I don't know where this comes from, because the Jedi sure don't seem complacent to me. They were not pleased with what was happening; they were weariful of the leader of the Republic, they had enemies from everywhere coming at them, they were trying to hold together the Republic from falling into the hands of the Confederation, effectively splitting the Republic up, AND they had to deal with General Grievous, Durge, and Asajj Ventress. Wow. Pretty complacent, don't you think.

And I don't know where this idea of "Those who are directly descended from Yoda's training are the only ones who can take this seriously."

Sure, Yoda trained Dooku, Dooku trained Qui-Gon, Qui-Gon trained Obi-Wan, Obi-Wan trained Anakin, etc. etc.

But clearly, Anakin was not equipped to fight the Sith. Like Master Vos, he succumbed to the Darkside, only Vos was able to get out. There is more to the Sith than just lightsabers;

And, by right of passage, Yoda did indeed train ALL of the Jedi when they were Younglings. This disputes the fact that "Only those trained by Yoda are ready." Mace Windu wasn't a "padawan" of Yoda, but he held his own, until Anakin stepped in.

While they were the only Jedi to "seem" to take the threat seriously, they were the only ones who were given "sufficient" screen time to portray their thoughts on the Clone Wars.

The comics show the Jedi valiantly trying to defeat the Sith; it never said that they were in anyway just "joking" with the idea of the Sith. The Sith were very real, and very dangerous. Many of the Jedi already died at the hands of the Sith during the Clone Wars; if you were a soldier, and some of your legions were killed by a superior force, would you not fear and take the situation seriously?

Sorry if I come across hostile... it's just, I don't see how the arguement applies. ):

I could be wrong.

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