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Originally Posted by guitrntildead
5) then it said cannot create dialog.tlk then it kicked me off....
Did you select the game folder, and not the override folder, when it asked you for the location of your game?

From your description it sounds like it cannot find the dialog.tlk file, which is located in your main game folder.

If you did select the game folder, check that the dialog.tlk file isn't write protected (and if you are using an account on your computer without Admin privilegies, make sure you have permission to modify the file).

Originally Posted by Dark_Ansem
I also found a bug with Bastila Task force, I press it (in all modalities) and it crashes the game. What about Malak and revan then? also the rancor I think is small and way too fast... he can almost run!! he should be slower in moving...
RE: BastilaTF - Never had any problems with that, or heard from anyone else that there are problems with it. I would guess that this is caused by some kind of conflict with another mod you have installed. "It crashes!" doesn't leave much to form a problem diagnosis from.

RE: RevanAndMalak - I suppose I could add them as combatants if I do another version of the arena, though I'd have to think of something to make them unique from the legions of saber wielders already present in the Arena mod to make it feel meaningful.

RE: The Rancor - Don't know anything about Rancors supposed to be slow. They do strike me as a predator species after all, and a predator would starve to death pretty soon if they are too slow to catch their prey. As for the size, it's either Baby Rancor or "too big to fit inside the arena" Rancor, so I had to pick the lesser of two evils (no pun intended).

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