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Originally Posted by MacLeodCorp
WotC miniatures? What are they?
My crack cocaine.

You may have heard of Wizards of the Coast. They have had the license to AD&D for the past decade or longer, have made a slew of CCG, and now have won my heart over with these.

I like them more than the figures for several reasons:
1) Less remakes (Once again, Vader is the only exception to having more than 2 versions)
3) Obscure Aliens, both unique characters and generic fringers (Ponda Baba and Rodian Mercenary)
3) Randomization of packaging (you don't know what you're getting, so trading and selling duplicates is always fun)

I've been collecting them since the end of '04 now. I actually just took a slew of new pics of all my collections, including my miniatures. I'll upload them some other time to show you just how cool they are to display.

Don't get me wrong about the action figures. I played with a lot of the figures in my collection as a kid and love them very much, but the figures coming out today just don't get me excited. It's more of a chore than a hobby. There are exceptions, but not often.

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