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This is going from a combonation of mods for the Demo and the actual Demo itself.

1.) Hero units (Millenium Falcon for example) are way overpowered. In the movies Han had trouble fighting off a trio of Tie-Fighters, in the game he's mowing through entire wings w/o taking so much as a scratch. Although, I thought that Piett and Veers in the Mod's were very balanced, then you had Red Squadron that can rape a ISD by itself..... Some tweaking needs to be done with some of the Hero units.

2.) Build times. Smaller/cheaper craft should be quicker to build than the larger more expensive craft. Granted this is coming from my experiences with the Modded Demo, I think it carries over into the actual game as well. Larger more expensive ships should take longer to build, not only will it make them more valuable in battle (seening how it took you so long to build such a massive fleet) but it will also make them more powerful in a way as well. You take down an enemies larger capital ship, he's gonna be hard pressed to make up for the loss, as it is now he can just click and have it ready in less than a day's game time.

3.) Ship damage and repairs. Battle damage should stick to craft for a time, that time can be dependent on the space station's level it is currently in orbit with. Same goes with the fighter compliment within a ships hangar. It shouldn't be immediately healed/fixed as soon as the battle is over. It gives your opponant a chance to finish off a ship/fleet if he's fast enough and has damaged the ships enough.

4.) Travel. Travelling is fast, really fast. To take a fleet from one side of the galaxy to the next takes maybe 2-3 game time days. It lessens the strategic value of "sector patrols" as I liked to call them in rebellion. It also makes it far easier to bring in reinforcements from a far away distance fairly quickly, another strategic decision you really don't have to make in this game.

5.) Smugglers/Bounty Hunters. The most horrific thing I have seen in a game to date. Not only are smugglers cost efficient, but you can pump them out faster than the Bounty hunters can kill them. Not to mention it costs more everytime you have the same Bounty Hunter take out a smuggler. I think I had Boba Fett up to 1200 credit bounties, nearly the cost of a space station. Granted, again I was going off of what the Mod's incorporated, don't know if this is actually in game also. Simple solution. A orbital garrison of a significant amount of ships will be able to halt any and all smuggling attempts. As it is, it doesn't matter if you have an enormous fleet garrisoning the planet, the smugglers will still get through. More of that ugly, ugly portrayal that the Imperials are bumbling idiots.

6.)AI. Both ground and space AI is horrific. Especially when you take over capture points, kill all the ground troops but there are half a dozen speeders flying around in far corners of the map and I have no anti air to go chase them down with (all my anti air are stationary turrets in the base) again, this is from a modded game, hopfully it is better in the actual game.

7.) Corvettes. I will specifically put my bombers and landing shuttles in the back of the fleet so that they would be "protected" from harm. Not so when the enemy has corvettes. They just fly in, absorbing any damage the turbolasers give them and rape my bombers and shuttles and are still able to fly out alive. Suggestion; give them an engine hard point and thats all. Take out the engine and they are a sitting duck so they can't just race in and rape your supposedly protected bombers or shuttle craft then race out.

8.) Concussion missiles are for fighters/taking out torpedos, torpedos are for capital ships. I don't like the fact that concussion missiles are able to bypass shields. Hell I don't like the fact that anything can bypass shields and go directly for hard points. I know there is a cold chance in hell where this will get changed, but I thought I would just give my 2 cents.

Even though I have alot of bitching, I do like the game. I only bitch so much cause I wanna truly LOVE this game. That, and i'm a huge StarWars nerd and need to have everything exactly like StarWars

Edit: By god please remove that damn tornado in the ground battle. I swear that thing has better AI than the enemies ground forces, wherever I went it followed me around just mowing through all my troops. I even yelled out, "Stop following me!"

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