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Delphi-PG: Will Empire at War be mod-able and if so, how much will we be able to change?

Players will be able to capture unique points on the battlefield giving access to cool unique units. There will also be multiplayer specific heroes for teams. In addition, we also have a wide array of options to play around with and customize.

joebwan123: Why did you decide to include a cinematic cam, and did you have to make any changes to the engine to make it look good?

We wanted to capture the 'you are part of the action' experience that was in the movies. The models were not originally designed for viewing up close, but we were surprised, that many of them worked well. Of course, we made many adjustments to bring up the close-up quality of many of the units.

petroglyphmike: Will Empire at War be mod-able and if so, how much will we be able to change?

As you can tell by all the fun mods to the demo, the game engine is very mod-able and data driven. When the final version of the game ships, you will see how fully mod-able it is. We tried to make it as data driven as possible.

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