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Zoom Limits + Ground Combat FPS increases when zooming OUT??

I love the game and cant wait for it's release. Nothing I'm about to say changes that.

In ground battles, I'm a little disappointed at the farthest zoom available before the interface disappears. My tanks and artillery still seem huge. If my artillery unit is in the center of the screen then I can't see out to its max range. I have to scroll out and back again when ordering artillery attacks on buildings. When moving, it's basically impossible to fit your unit, your unit's destination, and one of those giant laser turrets on the screen at the same time. It's easy to blunder into range of those massive gun batteries, even if it's already discovered and visible under the fog of war, because you can't keep track of it and still manage your units. To alleviate all this, I try to zoom out to 'maximum zoom out'. That's where the surprises begin...

Rolling the mouse wheel continuously seems at first to do nothing, but after 4 or 5 'clicks' I reach 'maximum zoom out'. Everything is at a much smaller size (which I like) but the interface is gone. Surprisingly, framerate has also increased dramatically! I felt the interface was larger than I'd like, but I still found it necessary. I'm also wondering why the framerate goes WAY up when zoomed all the way out.

Based on reading the forums, I'm not the only person disappointed by the loss of the interface. Not only is the minimap / special abilities gone, but I can NEVER see the health status of friendly/enemy units in this zoom mode. This makes this mode inappropriate for fighting, since I wont know how the battle is going until it's too late to do anything about it.

So now I have a dilemma, if I'm willing to lose the interface I can get a zoom level I like better, plus a higher framerate. But if I need more info, like during a fight, I have to zoom in to where I dont feel that I know what's going on, plus the FPS drops (still playable...)

Do you really have to crank the wheel 5 times to zoom out all the way?
Does everyone else have similar experiences with the framerate?
Does the interface really kill the FPS that badly that even with more objects on the screen, maximum zoom out provides higher FPS?

And the question this is all leading up to......
Are there any options in the game or tweaks that I could perform to alleviate either the zoom or framerate issue?

I have a BFG geforce 6200 256MB and Athlon 2.0Ghz ????+

Million thanks to all [constructive] respondants...
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