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Lightbulb A third path

After reading many peoples posts about the length of the game, number of outcomes, an alternate group of force users and how wisdom could be better put to use, so i thought that an extra group of force users would be good (not the "True Sith" because they would still be similar to the Sith we have already seen) and solve many of the issues that people have.

So i've started this thread to discuss a possible philosiphy for this 3rd group.

My idea would be a group with a similar philosiphy to Sun Tzu. Where you look at everything as part of a whole and the greatest victory is one acheived without violence. I guess this would make them grey but leaning towards the DS.

They would operate in the background and very few people would know of their existance, their goals would be similar to GOTO's in that all they want is stability for the Galaxy, whether is be controled by the Jedi, Sith or neither.

What do you guy think? Feel free to post any ideas of your own as well.

Ok, since no-one has any thoughts or ideas on the subject, i'll give you an example.

If you have read 'I, Jedi' then you will have heard of the Jensaarai, who were neither jedi or sith. They are denfensivley minded prefering to remain hidden and only strike when the time is right.

Another great idea by the people who brought you beer milkshakes!

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