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Originally Posted by MachineCult
I agree Kurgan, Lucas did not handle the first part of that scene well.
Very true... I found that only Kit Fisto and of course Mace Windu put up a decent fight. I was really disappointed about how Agen Kolar and Saesee Tiin fared. I mean if they did "something".... ANYTHING! It was the poorest fighting scene done in the entire film (with the General Grievous v.s. Obi-Wan scene a close second). I always envisioned Palpatine igniting his lightsaber in midair, slicing through Agen Kolar as he lands then ducking a swipe from Saesee Tiin and slicing him at the waist then leaping over Mace and Kit who come to the other Jedi's aid. Palps then duels with the two of them for six seconds and snuffs Kit Fisto. There, not so hard eh George? He really should have used that so-called "digital magic" he's so fond of.

Alas, I like Episode III over all but that scene will always make me disapointed. Jedi masters... The only part of that duel I liked was how Palpatine did that jump, spin in mid air with the lightsaber. That looked cool...
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