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Yes, I've also seen Munich and have to agree that it was very good and very opwerful at times. Slightly long, but nothing overbearing and outstanding acting. 4/5

Also saw Fun with Dick and Jane. Carrey's good although not really on top form, he could have done better, and he's certainly showing his age, even if he doesn't think he is. The plot is something one can get behind, but effectively, isn't met as well as it could have been. Overall, I'd recommend it to anyone who's just out for a bit of fun, but don't expect to be laughing all the way, simply because not all of the jokes are funny. 3/5

May as well go full hog with the other films I've seen (I got a 12 month movie pass from my parents for my birthday, so i've been seeing a hell of a lot of movies), but I aint giving full reviews.

Just Friends 2/5
Just like heaven 3/5
King Kong (have I done this already?) 5/5

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