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If handled correctly this could turn out to be really good. Kind of like a KotoR in the future in a way. Only gripe I had about NJO was that it really didn't feel very Star Wars to me, some aspects did, other aspects were totally off the mark. The Vong, while an interesting concept, didn't really captivate my imagination or attention for long periods of time. I was very happy to see the Vong threat come t a conclusion though, and I have been wanting a Sith to return to the saga so that we can get back that old familiar feeling again.

Personally I would like a cast of all new players, and technically we are getting that - but we have a person that is connected to the Skywalker lineage. It will be very interesting to see the state of the galaxy in this time frame as well, hopefully it will be a new golden era for the Republic.

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