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There is a philosophy. It's not 'Sith' per se, but it's in a parallel universe where the Jedi follow the Dark Side... you'd have to read the story to understand. It's more to do with protection of yourself, and independance. Ironic considering the Jedi are willing servants to the Dark Empire...

Anyway, here's the explanation:

Hope is Death
Hope makes one weak. Your enemies exploit any weakness they see. Hope gives one preconceptions, false ideals. Your enemies will exploit these ideals, and use them to destroy you. Hope is Death.

Faith is Pain
Who do you place your faith in? Your family? Your friends? Your masters? They are no stronger than yourself. Should your faith be misplaced, it can only lead to suffering. You can have faith in nobody, not even yourself.

Compassion is Suffering
Your compassion will only give others beliefs about themselves that are... misleading. One may believe that they are more powerful than they really are. They will suffer the effects of your compassion.

Love is Hate
Love blinds your actions. One would be willing to do anything to protect the ones they love, or to make them happy, or to ensure you do not lose them. You blindness leads only to the alienation of the ones you love. They will eventaully hate you.

Light is a Lie
It's quite simple. There is no light in the galaxy. There is only darkness, there is only suffering, there is only hate.... there is only the Empire.

That's a basic explanation of the philosophy I wrote in the story (which was never actually included - only the code itself was ever revealed).
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