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Originally Posted by wedge2211
Now that the game has gone gold, are you Petroglyph guys still interested in feedback from the demo and/or the early days of the full game, possibly to incorporate into major or minor patches, expansions, et cetera?

I liked the demo a great deal and am really looking forward to getting my hands on the full product, but I know there were a few additional things about gameplay or the interface that gathered interest here. (I'm not counting complaints about the lack of base-building or some specific EU ships or other silly things like that.)
Feedback is always welcome, and you can bet that your feedback up until this point will play a part in future patches and whatever comes after. However, we will probably compile all of the demo feedback up to this point, since there's a lot of repetition going on across forums (not that this is bad - it just means that lots of people agree with those points).

We will be back on the fan sites paying close attention to the feedback once the game is in your hands. That's when we start looking for things like unforseen balance issues, exploits, and things that just generally irritate people. Hopefully we got them all before shipping, but based on previous release experience, that's likely wishful thinking

We look forward to supporting the game as long as needed. And we will probably be around on gamespy looking for some multiplayer action as well

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