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thats the main reason they got pwned. OVERCONFIDENCE!!
i mean, if palpy was such a problem, the whole of the available council should have gone. Windu must have been like: "Oh that guy? He's an old, old man. I can kick his a** any day." and then he goes and takes a free flight to the concrete. i mean, they keep preaching: "no pride, no pride" but they eventually try to show off, like the guy in AOTC who jumped onto the ledge where dooku was standing above the execution pit. he got whacked by a blaster!!! the ACTUAL jedi are yoda, the knights, the padawans and younglings. the kid who survived order 66 thwacked about 5 troopers before ALL of them ganged up on him. THAT is how a jedi should be. not the sappy old rheumatistic masters.

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