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Originally Posted by rderveloy
Corvettes are also know as "blockade runners" for a reason. They're fast and are desiged to race past heavy capital ships that are blocading a planet. Thus the game does accurately represent their abillity to race past star destroyers that are sitting in formation.

However, I do think that the game has their health and shields too strong and the devs need to weaken their hitpoints and shields just a little to balance it a bit more. The idea should be that they are light and fast because they can't take too many direct hits from large capital ships. That, and/or make the tractor beams stronger. The corevettes seem to be able to keep going even though they're being tractored. Large star destroyers should be able to tractor corvettes if the player is fast enough to target them before they get out of tractor range.

I agree with the tractor beam, a simple solution to a headache in game. Just buff the tractor beam to significantly slow down or stop the target.

Edit: Now that I think about it, buffing the tractor beam isn't a good solution cause as the Rebels you will still have the same problem. My original solution to just give the corvettes an engine hard point would still be a viable solution and it will help both Rebel and Imperials.

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