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Originally Posted by Fate's Decision
I'm thinking about a pod racing map on Tatooine where the two sides have only two beginning CPs and the players have to board speeder bikes and choose a rout and race each other to get to a neutral CP. It would be much better on SBFII because you can use boosts and your speeder can jump to avoid obsicles.
When Softimage releases a msh Exporter for XSI mod Tools, I would make some podracers and a Mos Espa map. (I started on Mawhonic's Podracer and Mos Espa a while ago, but I was forced to stop because of the 30-day trial period for XSI Foundation with the msh exporter. And if they release a exporter for the Mod Tools, I have to do everything over again because the Foundation files are in another format.
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