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Originally Posted by RC 1162
thats the main reason they got pwned. OVERCONFIDENCE!!
i mean, if palpy was such a problem, the whole of the available council should have gone. Windu must have been like: "Oh that guy? He's an old, old man. I can kick his a** any day." and then he goes and takes a free flight to the concrete. i mean, they keep preaching: "no pride, no pride" but they eventually try to show off, like the guy in AOTC who jumped onto the ledge where dooku was standing above the execution pit. he got whacked by a blaster!!! the ACTUAL jedi are yoda, the knights, the padawans and younglings. the kid who survived order 66 thwacked about 5 troopers before ALL of them ganged up on him. THAT is how a jedi should be. not the sappy old rheumatistic masters.
Sappy old Rheumatistic masters?

Right, so Mace Windu couldn't fight well and was suffering from muscle pains?



And which "ACTUAL" Knights are you refering to? Are we forgetting Master Quinlan Vos, General Secura, Obi-Wan, K'Kruhk, Shaak Ti, etc. etc?

And perhaps you did not read any novelisations, or comics, or watched, even, the Clone Wars? Perhaps then you would see that the supposed "Rheumatic" Masters are not so "Rheumatic" after all.

That Jedi who went to kill Dooku wasn't showing off. He was trying to kill a Sith. He was shot because he was overpowered by Jango Fett. It is said that he is more a Peacekeeper than a Fighter.

Talk about your show-off.

And if you would please tell me what "Avaliable" council members were there but Mace Windu and Kit Fisto inside the Gunship hangars? It was imperative that they stop the Rise of the Sith then and there; who knows how long it could have been before the rest of the remaining council could be gathered. And while I frown upon Mace's decision to have Anakin stay at the Temple (if he had went with Mace instead of on his own, Anakin would probably have seen the Jedi to be the better people,) Mace made the right choice. I mean, it's kind of hard to expect that four Jedi Masters cannot take one Sith Lord.

Originally, Anakin had been written to go with them, so says. Anakin was supposed to betray two of the Jedi Masters, which is why they die suddenly. I guess George had no way to effectively portray this if Anakin wasn't there.

But who knows if that is true.

Anyways, bottom line:

Jedi > Sappy Rheumatistic People.
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