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giving the lightsaber "parts" won't work unless you also set globals. TSL's lightsaber quest parts are "awarded" via a script system...

You can give yourslef a regular double-saber without setting globals, however it won't fill your journal entries or such...

I believe the global you'll need to change is the (Numerics) 000_LightsaberQuest: entry. I would assume you'd want to place a vlaue of 1 (or 3). I'm not sure if it actually "counts" the parts or just sets whether or not the quest is available to pursue further.

You'd want to give yourself the 3 parts:
- lspart01
- lspart02
- lspart03

Hopefully a scripting guru can come to the rescue

IF you've read this far My Hak Pad mod has a function in it that will award you the 3 parts via the game's script functions so all the globals are set for you just as the game would do it.

You'll still need Bao-Dur in your Party since he's vital in the quest part (he actually builds it)...

The Hak Pad is a cheating "supplement", by far nowhere near as powerful as KSE, but it's handy for in-game cheating for basic stuff The link is in my sig below...

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