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Originally Posted by linda
Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't clear in my question. Your answer was really good for someone frustrated with getting their first lightsaber.
(small spoiler ahead)
My Exile has her lightsaber, but I would like to get one for BaoDur, Kreiea, and Visas. I managed to get a short one from the Vogga area, but I want to get a double or regular lightsaber. So I figured I would use the Savegame Editor and just add one in and take out the short one.
oops.. my bad

Your post was clear.. my "reading skills" is the faulty link here... hehehe... I didn't notice the plural "lightsabers" which should've tipped me off

You can find a complete list of TSL items here:

The "name" in the parentheses are the actual cheat codes (minus the ".uti") you would look for in KSE or by manually typing them in the 'invisible' cheat console... also, my Hak Pad mod can give you those as well

As for in-game acquiring (non-cheat) the Random Loot is a fickle beast, but I'm sure there are possibly some areas of the game where they will be a guaranteed pay-off.. I just can't think of them right at the moment

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