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Current Game: HKO closed beta
Best Character: Ryan Pano, from The Journies of Ryan Pano, by Vladamir-Vlada
Best Plot: Hidden Shades of Grey-JazzyLentilJasraLantill
Best Plot Twist: Plight of Darkness-Forcefight
Most Original/Creative Fanfic: The Journies of Ryan Pano-Vladamir-Vlada
Most Addictive Fanfic: Plight Of darkness-Forcefight
Best Written/Best Grammar: Hidden Shades of Grey-JazzyLentilJasraLantill
Best Writer: Forcefight
Best Fanfiction: Plight of Darkness-Forcefight
It's a rather repetitive list, but these are the one who deserve this the most. Keep up the great work, everyone!

Let's kill ourselves.
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