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Originally Posted by Hai Wan
Umm, so I trust that my noticing the table weight shows that I paid attention when I read your story? I assume that most writers on this forum are looking for constructive criticism for their stories but am never quite sure. The majority of the feedback I've seen is more "rah-rah" than anything else. I may enjoy a story but if I notice something that strikes me as odd or nonsensical I think I should let the writer know. The cool thing about this forum is that readers can communicate their questions and get further clarification from the writers. Just imagine if mainstream authors had a similar process in place, like I could ask Tom Clancy a question about one of his books and get an answer back. I know it's not really feasible because of the deluge of reader questions he would get. He most likely couldn't answer them all. But still, on a small scale like this I think it's pretty cool.
One of the reasons I asked for and took over this job is that you're right. I was always ticked when people would say 'good work' but be unwilling to give anything remotely linked to criticism. As I told Darth333 I worked briefly teaching a creative writing class at a local civic center. I discovered that a lot of newbie mistakes are committed by people even older than I am, and I don't see it as being negative to correct them.
One of the worst is when the idea just doesn't fly. I went to a site (NO I WILL NOT TELL YOU WHERE) where a Sith Lord turned Anakin into a woman using the force, followed by a rape scene. Lucky for the author that was before I started this column.
The next section of Acceptance follows...

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