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Relax.. KOTOR3 will never be Xbox exclusive. Why limit yourself to a console audience when you can have the console people AND PC people? It wouldn't make sense market-wise... and I believe the original KOTOR was designed exclusively for the PC and then they decided to port it to the Xbox not long after. Remember, the Xbox is really just a PC you can plug controllers into and play through your TV, it wouldn't make sense to not make a PC version.

At this point we don't even know if there WILL be a KOTOR3. We can just assume, since the series is so popular and loved, and I think there will be one but I don't know why IGN would give a prediction on it already being in development without something to back it up.

Oh yeah, and if they did make the combat real-time (not likely), I'd have to send a bunch of hatemail to Obsidian. That is the one thing that drew me to the game and it's just another thing that makes it so much better than the Jedi Knight series!
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