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yaay!! *looks again and notices something*
no one likes my fics?? MEANIES!!!!!!

Best Character: Lt. Wefive
Best Plot: The crystal of life's force band in space got my vote here. good work, RB.
Best Plot Twist: ill have to say when rexes turned out to be James' dad in JK's latest fic
Most Original/Creative Fanfic: Plight of Darkness gets my vote totally
Most Addictive Fanfic: Victim of Betrayal. hey, it rocks!!
Best Written/Best Grammar: umm, well, most guys get lotsa sp mistakes so im not writing anything here.
Best Writer: ForceFightWMe12, Jedi_Knight_707, Sabretooth(achha kaam kiya, bhai)
Best Fanfiction: Plight of Darkness, ND.

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