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that didnt last because i
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Vernon headed into the field, confused. He backed off as hundreds of laser pointers went straight onto his stomach.

"Kitty-ferret!" D'Artagan yelled, as suddenly the small furry animal leapt from his hands, into the field of soldiers. "Come back kitty! Come back!" D'Artagan's hat began raising straight up. The soldiers looked around, poking at the creature, picking it up and slapping it, trying to figure out what it was.

"Don't hurt him!" D'Artagan growled, raising into the air. The soldiers stared at him, dropping the kitty-ferret. It seemed to be trapped in a levitation bubble, as the kitty-ferret rose up into midair. "Don't HURT IT!"

Out from the bubble was a huge explosion, as D'Artagan's eyes began to glow, and his voice became layered. Soldiers scrambled everywhere, some alive and some dead. The kitty-ferret seemed to fall out of the bubble, running back to D'Artagan, jumping into his arms.

"What happened to all the soldiers?" Dart asked, staring at the battlefield.

Vernon stared, mouth agape. "Now we really gotta run," he managed to say.

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