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Originally Posted by Taknir
The armband has forgotten where i was it says...The armband has lost track of where you came from...uh oh. Just wondering how do i get back?
Odd... the only situation I can imagine this happening normally would be if you use the Warp console command to get to the Arena module instead of using the armband.

The name of the module you are in when the armband is activated is stored in a variable in the save game. That error message only shows if that variable is empty.

Have you...
  1. Used the armband to enter the Arena module?
  2. Used KSE or some other savegame editor between entering and trying to leave?
  3. Installed a Mod that overwrites the "globalcat.2da" file (in the Override folder) after installing the arena module? The installer for the CSArena mod adds a new entry to this file which is used by the armband. If this entry is missing (if another mod overwrites rather than modifies the 2DA file), it would cause problems such as what you described.


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