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Originally Posted by dark jedi 8
ive been collecting also since 94, and like katarn07 said it has gotten reduntant lately. but some of the 06 offerings are pretty cool so im still under hasbro's control. not too many complaints though...
Hehehe... Hasbro...

I tried to see if I could order a case of VOTCs when they were released, but it is extrodinary expensive. Plus, you get the shipments in waves, and there is no guarantee in getting every figure. So, I was stuck purchasing them the hard way.

Hasbro's distribution and headquarters are located about one hour away from where I live.


Wizards of the West Coast... I forgot about them. Hehehe... I was able to get thorugh a friend: Wizards - Star Wars #0 - Boba Fett (With a signed certificate.)

It is pretty sweet.

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