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(BD: I know it's part of the plotline, but who gave Flax the power to take control of this without discussing it with anyone? Seems pretty brazen. You'd think Luke or another 'Old Guard' Council member would say something.

Also, BD, check your PMs.

R15: ...I'm confused. What is the box supposed to be? PM me (or IM if we get on at the same time) ))


Rwos: *on comm* Thank you. We are on our way.


Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine: One Week, Five Days Ago

*Aren smacked her near-empty glass of blue ale down on the bar table. She glanced backwards just as the air shivered and a cloaked, demonic man with a severely scarred face materializes from thin air in a dark corner, unnoticed by the general population of the cantina*

Aren: Hello, Sejhan. Hell's bell's, I love the intoxicants they make in this 'verse. Care for a glass of blue ale? *She pauses* Oh, right... it'd go right through you, wouldn't it?

Sejhan: I've lost K'Warra.

Aren: *raising the glass to her lips* So I heard. Sloppy, sloppy. You know, you could take a few strategic tips from my organization. Don't play with blades unless you're planning to get cut. There's never been a weapon made that could cut a shadow, you know...

Sejahn: I'm tired of this bull****. I'm running out of time. You know I've got till this Jotun's adulthood to kill her. Well, do you know anything about the life cycle of a Jotun? Seven ****ing hells, how long is their adolescence? Five years? Ten? She could be an adult by now. Your masters and I had a deal! If you don't---

Aren: *cutting him off* So why don't we go find her?

Sejhan: What?

Aren: Actually, we've had the locating system ready for a while, if you'd bothered to drop in more often. All we're missing is the subject to locate. Which is where we need you. *She sips more of her ale* Unless you still think it would be more fun to bait the Blades...

Sejhan: Oh, no, no, no... not at all.

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