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Battlefront runs smooth as hell... never lag, never bugs, and certainly never crashes. Both 1 and 2. In fact all games i play run perfectly smooth. My system is far mroe power than i need, and has been stable since built. my problem is solely with EAW which cannot play a single land map. the most hits in a single forum on the lucasarts EAW forum site shows that this is a common problem, and certainly a demo that can't run is a sure indication of what's to come. so unless the demo gets fixed, no i won't be buying the game, since it's not like i can return it.

i actually tried using mods in case that would help, but it did not. Every time i start a land map, bam... crash. However, sometimes, i crash before that. Thre weirdest thing is this only started after i played the whole thing through once. go figure. but reinstalling helped not.

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