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"...and the four large veins all converge in this one large caver. From here, our supervisors can have direct control over the operation and a clear link to the command buildings."

Voshon noddd, observant eyes scanning every nook and cranny, applying it to his warriors mind, searching for the best way to exploit each position. He could dseriously care less what this moron was droning about; coming off as a company man right off the bat.

hmmmm, high catwalks, four veins almost evenly apart in spacing with the exit shaft facingtwo. Exit shaft inclines gently to the elevator, lots of space. Those miniveins are going to be a pain too.

"Is this and the cargo elevator the only ways in or out?"

"There are a few shafts that lead to the surface, some extremely unstable. We haven't got them all secured, lots of instability."

"How many of them are safe?"

"No more than half." Great and what if one should become stuck?

"Are they service tunnels, escape hatches?"

"a little of both. Each vein contains a Service and cargo tunnel, though only the main arterys have a service tunnel."

"Which tunnels are unfit?"

"Tunnel one is currently being fixed, the only tunnel working there is the service tunnel in artery four. We had a cave in due to the recent attacks, so we're clearing the debris...loosing a lot of money because of that..." The Supervisor started his rant about money and loss of it, how it affected the company. Voshon tried to suppress a sigh and glanced at his companion and sometime partner in crime.

Ichi Klive, a slant eyed, raven haired beauty from the Antarian Rangers; she'd worked on many missions with the young Jedi. She was also the commanding officer of the Antarian Rangers Daughter. The younger Keltron found her to be a quite confident and a mean sparring partner, he still had a few bruises from their last bout. Those bruises he let heal themselves, instead of submitting to a Healing; they were badges, earned and given in friendship. Ichi understood him in a way few did; there's nothing he wouldn't do for her. He felt quite certain that she felt the same way.

Catching his eye, her full, sensous lips split in a soft, knowing smile, before quickly conceling it almost drawing an amused laugh from Voshon. Just like when they were younger, playing pranks on the adults.

Letting the speaker continue his boring drabble about rocks and establish a bit of a lead, Ichi rolled her eyes, signifiying her boredrom. Klay answered with a soft laugh and nodded before making his own face. This drew a giggle out of Ichi and she quickly brought her finger up to her lips in the "shushing" geasture. Shaking his head, he returned back to the rest of the world.

"What about security?" For this answer, he was taken to the Security shack, high in the center of the main cavern, suspended about fifty feet off the ground. An octogonal construct, providing a full view of the cavern and its enterances, it gave one a sense of power and control. Though the equipment was old, it functioned well and was kept in great condition. "Love the view."

Ichi pinched his arm and mouthed, "Hush." The control room had numreous consoles and substations monitoring everything one could possibly imagine for a mine. It kind of had a bridge feel to it; and what bridge would be complete with out a command deck? Raised above the rest of the stations to give the On Shift Supervisor a complete view of every station, its command chair had it's own array of devices, mostly comm from what Voshon could decipher.

Ichi walked down to talk with the security chief while Voshon continued to listen to the Head Super, trying to appear interested. From his point of view, he'd told him everything he needed to know about this mine; the rest was just fluff. He began thinking that maybe Varrick should have come on this mission; he was much better at dealing with this time of mindless chatter.

"Voshon, all seems to be in order. Three sets of raming patrols, all relieved at different hours, security fields and a small interior guard. All in all, not bad..." Ichi's clear, resonating voice also hid the silent not gooe, either comment, which he heard loud and clear. Sometimes, it seemed that they could read eachother almost as well as his brother and him could; though Ichi possesed no Talent for the Force herself, she, nonetheless, could read Voshon like an open data padd in full view. They'd served toghetehr many times throughout the years, known each other even longer, when the young Padawan and the Antarian Ranger were but children, learning their trades.

Looking into her big, brown eyes, Voshon felt himself smiling again and caught a glimpse of her own amusement as well. Her dark black hair was held tighly in a militant bun and she walked with the confident poise of one well aware of her own killing abilities, a lethal grace. The Antarian Rangers wore no set uniform, save the brown fighter jacket, a gift when one proved worthy of the title Ranger. Voshon still remembered the ceremony when Ichi had received hers, not a year earlier. A good time indeed.

"Well," he grinned, "let's hope it's a quite night."

"You reported back to Master Krauss?" This elected a small, bemused sigh and a funny smile.

"Just about too."

"Right." She knew him too well.

"Well, I wanted to have something to report first. you of all people, know how thorough she is about such things."

"Yeah, sure. Just make the call."

"Since when do Rangers tell Jedi what to do?"

"When I see one, then I'll listen. Besides, I've been telling you what to do since you were nine." She walked away before he could retort back.
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