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The items in the scavenger hunt are supposedly all from past LucasArts adventure games. If anybody can help to fill this out by naming where each one came from it'd be awesome. I've filled a few out but the rest.. nada.

As a reminder, here are the objects:

Turkey Sandwich (???)
Gold Doubloon (???)
Eagle Claw (???)
Voodoo Doll (Monkey Island 2)
Pirate Scope (Monkey Island ???)
Glass Eye (???)
Golden Acorn (???)
Miner's Skull (???)
Fertility Idol (???)
Dinosaur Bone (???)
Condor Egg (???)
Cherry Pipe (???)
Diver's Helmet (???)
Fossil (???)
Gold Watch (???)

The Psychonauts comic obviously doesn't count.

The dinosaur bone could possibly be from The Dig, although I don't know if it a dinosaur bone was an actual inventory item. This whole thing could be speculation of course, but we may as well look into it.

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