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Yes, pretty usefull. I don't know about the max number of building in the final game, in the demo it's 6 as well as all mods, because they only use the tatooine map. I do believe there were mods that had a higher number, but those maps caused crashes. However I believe that the Hypersomething gun will hae a longer reload time in the final version. I just wonder how long it will reload.

Right now I generally blow the turbolasers right of those damn rebel ships, and leave the other weapons for the bombers. When disarmed (and dishangered) I move on to the next ship. When all ships are disarmed I go back for the Ion Cannons (I don't consider them dangerous) and Engines.

Still I will probably do a lot of editing once the game is out. Gotta get the AT-PT in.
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