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Talking about the evolution: If you want a proof here it is. More or less 5000000000 years ago the atmosfere of the Hearth was reductive. But suddenly some bacteries started doing the photosyntesis. And as itīs very efficient to provide energy the atmosfere became oxidant, filled with oxygen. Did bacteries die? No, they evolved, they underwent a process to be able to use oxygen to provide them energy. Of course lots of them died because they didnīt acomodate well. Thatīs evolution, the most capable to survive eats more, thus reproduces more, thus filles all the space avaliable. Then, the protoeucayotic cell happeared, and integrated inside a oxigen user bacteria. So it could reproduce more, it evolved. that happened 3000000000 years ago, then it took quite little time to develop the multicellular creature, and then, the mammals.

So, thatīs evolution. Those integrated bacterias are the mithocondrion. You can read about in any book on microbiology: endosimbiant theory. proposed by Lynn Margulis. Other examples are the presence of non producer dna in the genome, some genes were switched off because they werenīt need.

Because of this and lots of other facts the serious cientific community accepts the evolution theory: the most able to adapt himself to a place will prevail over the others.

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