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1. I was being a little flippant before. I just feel I gushed everything, well almost, on this plot, which is really important in terms of changing the dynamic of the Cantina. Now it feels a bit like no-one's interested.

2. No, Cantina aren't one plot threads, anymore. I remember when I joined you told me I could only have one charactor.

3. No you haven't hijacked the plot, but you have sidelined it a bit.

4. Multiple plotlines are, up to a point. I feel more than three at once is a bit much.

5. Who else is the Council going to send? Hal? He's just a beefcake with a pretty girlfriend! I don't want to create another charactor and I really can't think of anyone other than Deac to lead the mission.

6. What I should have said is that you like to keep people guessing less than I do and then Force me to expose my plots.

7. The title doesn't need to make sense but in this case I think 1,000 sleeping Jedi is a very good fit.


I stand by what I said about the mssion, it needs to be black. The Masters have sensed a great disturbance in the Force coming from the direction of the Empire, guess who that is, and Cracken is a Sith. There's simply no way of getting around that. Yes its risky, very risky, but I think that the Council would see the alternative as much worse.

Hell Deac is going cloak and dagger on a research base which can't be more important than these Jedi. Yes, Red got the pm.

Regarding Flax running the op:

1. He has connections in the military, he can get it done quietly.

2. Former general.

3. Former black ops, connections again.

4. He's not going to do it behind closed doors. He's just going to run it.

5. Otherwise, if you'd rather, the Council can do it and it'll take twice as long, not to metion getting stalled if someone goes off sick.

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