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Originally Posted by Thrik
Turkey Sandwich (???)
There are lots of random sandwiches on the submarine in Fate of Atlantis? Not sure if this is one of them though!

Gold Doubloon (???)
The interface from Curse of Monkey Island.

Eagle Claw (???)
Voodoo Doll (Monkey Island 2)
Pirate Scope (Monkey Island ???)
Monkey Island 1, presumably. There's a telescope on Monkey Island, at least.
Glass Eye (???)
The guy in the SCUMM Bar in MI1 has a glass eye.

Also, Captain Dread has an eye(???) on a necklace as a good luck charm.
Golden Acorn (???)
Miner's Skull (???)
Fertility Idol (???)
The wimpy idol from MI1?
Dinosaur Bone (???)
Sam and Max at the dinosaur park, I presume!
Condor Egg (???)
Cherry Pipe (???)
Diver's Helmet (???)
Fossil (???)
The Dig?
Gold Watch (???)
A lot of those are just guesses, though. There's nothing from Grim Fandango or Full Throttle, which is a bit odd, considering.

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