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1. How do you want the dynamics of Cantina to change? As far as your plot is concerned. I'm interested but I have some concerns about it.

3. I don't see how this plot is sidelined, its just not the only one.

4. It may seem like there are a ton of them but right now I don't count that many. We have Deac's research base, The Sleepers, the frozen Jedi. Maybe a few minor plots to.

5. Council could send Red's Jedi Master...

6. Again I have to disagree. If not for me Red wouldn't say a thing. :P

7. 1,000 frozen Jedisicles is good fit but will it be a literal or a more interesting one? (there are a number of possiblities and having just a 1,000 good jedi appear seems less interesting then others. For instance these 1,000 Jedi don't agree with the "new" Jedi on how they go about being protectores etc.


Jedi been frozen for a long time, the research base could be more important depending on your characters point of view. Possibly 1000 Jedi who are just as likely dead as alive (actually more likely to be dead) or a known imperial research base...

Regaring Flax running the op. That is fine execpt he said: I would like the council permission to run it. I've assigned Deac to lead the operation.

AKA he is already running the operation and is now asking the council for permission.

One comment about his qualifications: Almost every Jedi on the council has military connections.

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