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1. Ditto what Admiral said about changing the dynamics of the Cantina.

2. Actually I think that was a short-lived rule Deac made during Cantina 3. Rereading that, it looks like he'd violated the rule himself by the second page. :P

3. Ditto what Admiral said.

4. Here's the plotlines I can see: the Sith (Agric versus Cracken) Sleeping Jedi, the Sleepers, (the Blades-Aesir-Shadows subplot, the research base subplot, the Irvines-Elf Woman subplot, the Kioet-Aren subplot), and the literally sidelined Assassins plot (since no one is moving it forward at the moment, unlike all the others), plus a few new subplots like Antilles'.

That's three currently running major plots, two of which are primarily yours. (Assuming that the Crouching Sith and Hidden Jedi plots aren't directly connected. ) The Sleeper plot is taking place in four locations at once, but the Jedi plot hasn't exactly popped up to distract anyone yet.

5. Remember Deac's character hasn't necessarily been on the bright side of the Council. I mean, he hasn't even been trained as a Jedi, he has suicidal tendencies, and he's constantly been manipulated by supernatural forces both benevolent and malevolent in the past, and he has the tendency to follow his own agenda rather than that of his superiors, although this is all easy to forget considering Deac is one of the nicest guys in the RPG. But Deac himself points out that the Council and he haven't always been on the best of terms.

You misunderstood me, however. My point was that the Council can send Deac on a mission at the same time that NRI sends him on a mission. In a realistic world there is no reason why this can't happen with a little poor communication.

6. Maybe you get that impression from reading what you see in the RPGs, but you can't imagine how far off you are. (Although you have tended to guess that I make up everything as I go, which isn't so - the current plotline with the Blades and the Aesir has been planned to its end since, if I recall correctly, Cantina 9. XD)

7. See what Admiral and I already said about an interesting fit rather than necessarily a literal one.


"Those Jedi have waited thousands of years, they can wait a few more days," I can imagine someone saying.

The research base is important from the NR's point of view in that if Cracken got there first it could be potentially devastating. The Council might have a different point of view... or they might not, maybe they wouldn't mind the time to form some kind of contingency plan.

Also, recently retired Generals? I don't think the Council would necessarily agree with Flax' every move considering his past actions and sometimes conflicting motivations...

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