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Originally Posted by MachineCult
Databank has nothing to say about his being in the movie, he was in it for a second, it's explained in the Behind the scenes section.
Actually it explains how he ISN'T in the movie in the behind the scenes section. It says that the design for Quinlan Vos was BASED on the random Mos Espa guy. Meaning it's NOT him, but it's the design for Quinlan Vos. That's what it means. It is not saying it's him.

Originally Posted by MachineCult
On his page the "I" is highlighted, indicating that he was in Episode I, and when you click that, he is listed under the characters who appeared in the movie.
And yet in the Quinlan Vos profile, it does not have an entry for him in the movies section, which implies that he was not in any Star Wars movie.

Originally Posted by MachineCult
Perhaps you should read it a little more carefully.
You're misunderstanding what the databank means.
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