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1a. Never mentioned 3000 sith before.

1b. I fail to see how this has the slightest chance of shaking up the galaxy. Reasons:

3000 is a very small number.

We have 3000 sith vs. 1000+ Jedi. However is 3000 sith are such a "ground shaking" event then the Aesir would most certainly become involved. Which would then mean the 2000 advantage the Sith have disappear in the blink of an eye.

1c. I really hope this is not it to the plot line. A small army of Sith suddenly appear and then a small army of Jedi appear. A little too convient, and a little disappointing when there are so many possibilities.

8: Since when? Jedi always interfer in non Jedi issues. And the Jedi may think that the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant to the power of the force, but that is probably all.

Most non-force users would probably say the exact reverse...

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