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1. That doesn't change how the Cantina works, just introduces a new factor, along the lines of Cracken's introduction, the Sleepers, the twin apocalypses, the Shadows' assassins plot, the Vampire attack on Coruscant, the various Imperial/Republic skirmishes (sometimes within their own factions), etc... Plus, just introducing 1000 Jedi and 3000 Sith doesn't guarantee shake-up, no more than introducing a son of Palpatine didn't guarantee shake-up; the shake-up happened when he united the Imperial remnant, pulled a blitkrieg campaign that divided the galaxy, and pulled the Aesir out of hiding by killing Odin, besides inadverdantly setting off a whole new timeline.

2. Doing the Cantinaverse wiki thread summaries, I realize we have alot of rules we ditched - no Force powers for example.

4. Yes, got the PM.

5. I was referring to the character Deac being a really nice guy. All us actual RPGers are horrible awful people for the things we do to our characters, I think.

6. Ditto, except for the parts where other people have to come into play.

8. The Jedi aren't sending Deac to the abandoned base, and it also seems to me that Jedi interfere in non-Jedi matters constantly...

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