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2 Maps.

Death Star- Surface and Trench Run. Come on! That would be cool! If you are Imperials you can Man a Turbolaser turret or Take the rebels yourself. If you are the rebels the easy way to win is by flying down the trench and shooting proton torpedoes down there. But it wont be that easy. The Turbolaser Turrets would be Merrily Firing Away At You, and If the Imperials Do a certain Objective, Lord Vader will personally see to your destruction. Once the Death Star Is in Range of Yavin IV BOOM! Empire Wins!

Death Star 2- Interior and Exterior. The Emperors Throne Room with that pesky Shaft, the Reactor Core and The Superlaser Firing Room. Heroes would be:
Luke Skywalker
Darth Vader
The Emperor
The Exterior would be Like The First Death star, But incomplete and instead of the trench, that large pipe going directly to the reactor core. If the rebels blow it up, Victory! If too many rebel ships are destroyed...GAME OVER
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