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1a. Check the last disscussion thread. No its not the total plot line.

1. No it doesn't neccessarily, but it should. Why? It changes the make-up of the orders drastically.

Example: The Jedi are currently hugely undermanned and reliant on the Republic to do anything beyond the two or three man level, really. Increasing manpower increases autonomy in their case. With the Sith, well the possibilities are endless.

2. Told you so, if you remember Flax started out specifically as a non-Jedi.

4. Good.

5. I'm a nice guy, I'm so nice women only ever want to be friends with me.

6. You don't always trust other to do the same though, in fairness I can see that in the past I have been a little erratic. That has to do with a developing character and my own growing up. Hell I may only have been 15 when we started.

8. Sorry, I meant the Jedi give primacy to Jedi matters. Notice how usually when they get involved in something else their explanation starts, "There is a great..."

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